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What is it?

Kōkōkaha is an integrated unit of work that focuses on the science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) associated with harnessing the wind. Kōkōkaha's learning experiences are designed for students in years 5 through to 10 and are intended to provide them with the skills and knowledge to design their own technologies to harness the power of the wind. Kōkōkaha learning experiences can easily be adapted for older or younger children. Kōkōkaha is available to schools and kura throughout New Zealand.


What is included?

Kōkōkaha includes classroom and sailing learning experiences. Classroom experiences include hands on activities to help your students learn about the power of the wind. Sailing experiences include going sailing to feel the power of the wind and interacting with a set of resources to understand how sailing technologies work. Learners use the skills and knowledge they acquire to design a technology to harness the power of the wind.


How to get involved?

Use the register section to let us know that your school or kura wants to get involved. We will then set you up with access to the online gallery for posting your student's designs and will provide you with a copy of the teacher guide for your teachers. 



Kōkōkaha includes three sets of classroom learning experiences and a challenge to take action. Each classroom set has four learning experiences designed to help students develop the knowledge and skills to design a technology to harness the power of the wind. Click on the images below to see the topics that are in each set of classroom learning experiences. Register today and we will get you set up to start working on Kōkōkaha with your students.



Kōkōkaha  provides the opportunity for your students to get out on the water and experience. Kōkōkaha sailing experiences take place over a full day.


Up to 30 students can participate in each sailing experience day, which are facilitated by Yachting New Zealand qualified kaiako. All the boats and safety equipment are provided, as are permission slips and RAMs forms.

During the sailing experience your learners will get out on the water and feel the power of the wind. They will also participate in a series of hands on activities to familiarise them with some of the technologies used in sailing. They will also get an introduction to safer boating practices and water skills for life.

Register today and we will get you set up to start working on Kōkōkaha with your students.



We need your school or kura to register so that we can send you the teacher guide, set you up to add designs to the Kōkōkaha ideas gallery and to put you in contact with a provider of sailing experiences. We need just one person to register for each school or kura. Simply fill out the form below and we will set the wheels in motion. We look forward to working with you. 

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