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Provider feedback


Thank you for participating in this survey.

Our intention is to make Kōkōkaha an enduring part of the education landscape in Aotearoa New Zealand. Before we do this, we want to make sure it works for clubs and other providers around the country. Your feedback will be invaluable in helping us shape Kōkōkaha for the future.

The key contacts in the provider organisations involved in Kōkōkaha during term 1 2021 have been asked to complete this survey. We do not require every instructor in each provider organisation to undertake the survey.


It should take you around ten minutes to complete. Information gathered through the survey will only be available to the Kōkōkaha team at Yachting New Zealand and no identifiable information will be published in the report.

3. How clear were the communications to you from the Kōkōkaha team?
5. How easy to understand was the memorandum of understanding between your organisation and Yachting New Zealand?
7. How useful was the support provided by Yachting New Zealand?
9. How easy to understand did you find the general instructions about Kōkōkaha on the website?
11. How easy to use was the Kōkōkaha teacher guide?
13. How easy was it to register schools for the sailing experience?
15. In general, how enjoyable did your schools find the sailing experiences?
17. In general, how easy to deliver were the sailing experiences?
19. Did your schools participate in the technology challenges using the club kit provided by YNZ during the sailing experience day (The four challenges are: Pulley Power, Knot Know How, Sink & Float, Hull & Sail Materials)?
20. Which challenges did your school use? You can choose more than one challenge.
21. In general, how useful did you find the challenges?
22. In general, how easy to use were the challenges?
23. Which challenges were your school’s favourites? You can choose more than one challenge.
24. Which challenges were your school’s least favourite? You can choose more than one challenge.

Thanks for your feedback. It is very much appreciated!

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